Team of Experts

The pioneers of Deshen Hatzafon who have realized the founders´ vision and continue to lead the company towards new challenges are Golan Argaman (CEO), Anat Dor-Cohen (Acting CEO) and Or Koren (VP of Sales and Marketing). The members of the management team have a broad background and knowledge in agriculture, fertilization and irrigation, which are applied in the company´s vision and in its day-to-day operation.

Golan Argaman
Or Koren
VP of Sales and Marketing

Our R&D department, agronomist and professional staff strive for excellence, producing the highest quality products, while providing the most professional service.   
The Company´s personnel, led by farmers with field experience, understand our clients´ needs and are able to adapt our services to each client.

Deshen Hatzafon Family

Sales & Marketing Team

You are welcome to contact us for furtere information and assistance - 

Olla Vainer
Marketing Project Manager