Our Story

Sheffa by Deshen Hatzafon | ADDING SOUL TO THE SOIL

Sheffa by Deshen Hatzafon was established in Israel in October 2012, by 7 cooperative organizations, representing 260 farming communities in Israel, that together own approximately 150,000 hectares of cultivated farmland.  

We strive to be a leading company in Agroecology and Plant Health

We aim to offer precise nutrition for all agricultural crops

Our visionis to maximize field value while reduce costs and most importantly - Promote environmental awareness.

Environmental responsibility

We strive to protect the environment by preventing water, soil and air contamination; aiming for energy efficiency and recycling waste.
Our responsibility as a company for quality of service and environment safety, is demonstrated in each stage of the process, from the client´s order to product arrival, and meets international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.
We aim to nourish the soil with minerals essential to the plant, resulting in our products being precise and specific for each crop.

Israeli Innovation

Sheffa by Deshen Hatzafon leads the innovation in the fertilizer industry.
We are constantly in search for new ways to improve and simplify the agricultural work, while maximize the crop yield.
We offer a complete and accurate plant nutrition program – from local testing, personal fertilizing program and professional agronomic guidance, to high quality product and advanced technological equipment. All in order to increase mineral plant absorption without contaminating neither the soil nor the water. We are constantly working on new formulations and fertilizer developments, to provide optimal nutrition, combining organic materials as possible.

Our products offer increased yield with reduced costs whilst at the same time environmentally friendly by preventing soil and water contamination.

We produce bespoke solid and liquid fertilizers in a wide variety of forms, based on local soil and water type, farmers´ requirements and agronomist´s analysis, in order to provide optimal nutrition for all agricultural crops.

Our R&D department, agronomist and professional staff strive for excellence, producing the highest quality products, while providing the most professional service.  
The Company´s personnel, led by farmers with field experience, understand our clients´ needs and are able to adapt our services to each client.