Have you heard about our BEST-SELLING product - "HomiGreen Barak"?

Sheffa´s best-selling product improves minerals absorption while enriching the soil with natural organic matter.
Contains Humic and Fulvic acid extract (at least 15%), enriched with 3% K2O.  

Humic and Fulvic acids are organic molecules which improve the absorption of nutrients in the soil and in hydroponic crops. These molecules bond with the essential mineral ions, using a kind of "claw” that grasps them so they are not locked in the soil, while at the same time keeping them accessible for plants upon need.

HomiGreen Barak was produced especially for the purpose of increasing mineral plant absorption.
By adding HomiGreen Barak to the fertilization regim, your plant benefits:
idea Enriched soil with natural organic matter
idea Awaken root activity in the soil
idea Improved absorption of positive-charged elements (iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, etc.)
idea Increased Chlorophyll production
idea Assistens in dealing with stress and increasing reproduction

Case Study – Jordan Valley Vineyard

 04.01 - Before application of
HomiGreen Barak

11.01 - One week after application

 18.01 - Two weeks after application

Recommended application: Direct injection into the irrigation system or direct percolation to the plant in regular dosages.
Recommended dosage:  At least 10 lt/ha (1 liter/dunam) three times during the stages of growth, at six-week intervals.
For optimal results, it is recommended to apply Kinneret Iron (Fe), right after the use of Homigreen Barak.
within 24 hours.
Supply: 10L Jerrycan / 1000L IBC / bulk.