New Product - ROMI 50/50

Introducing ROMI 50/50:
Solid soluble fertilizer, offering the combination of high percentage of Nitrogen and Humic acid in one product.

Plants require more nitrogen (N) than any other nutrient and it is essential nutrient for plant growth, development and reproduction. Nevertheless, only a small portion of the nitrogen in soil is available to plants.
Humic acids are organic molecules which improve the absorption of nutrients in the soil and in hydroponic crops.

By combining the two together into one product - Romi 50/50, you can now offer top nutrition for your plant.

Product TDS 

Nitrogen % 32.4-39.6
% 35.0-40.0
Humic (dry Basis)
% 3.5-7.5
Trace Elements
(Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, Cu, S)
% 0.25-0.5

Black and White Ball Granules,
without visible mechanical impurities
% 40.0-50.0

Used as base and top fertilizer, especialy sutible for Grass, Wheat, field crops and plantations.
Application: homogeneous distribution across the ground or near the dropper.
Recomandations: Wheat: 270 kg/hectar for base fertilizing.
Plantation: 140 kg/hectar.