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Solimix Series

Soluble NPK Fertilizers

Solimix Aviv
Premium fertilizer, without added chlorine. Greenhouse Grade.
Based on Potassium Nitrate, enriched with micronutrients.
Especially suited for vegetables, raised beds and crops sensitive tochlorine or saltiness.
Leading compounds*: 20-20-20+TE | 17-10-27+TE | 16-8-35+TE

Solimix Karmel
Enriched with Sulphur (S), without added chlorine.
Suitable for all types of crops, especially for vegetables, orchards,field crops and crops sensitive to chlorine or saltiness.
Leading compounds*: 15-30-15+TE+16.2SO| 13-13-13+TE+51SO|11-8-22+TE+56SO4*.

Solimix Marom
Dissolving NPK fertilizer, Up to 10% chlorine.
Suitable for all types of crops, especially vegetables, crops in soilless culture, greenhouses and net houses.
Leading compounds*: 17-10-27+TE | 27-3-27+TE

Solimix Negev
Dissolving NPK fertilizer, based on MOP.
Suitable for all types of crops, especially for vegetables and orchards such as avocados, bananas and citrus.
Not suitable for use in soilless culture or chloride-sensitive crops.
Leading compounds*: 15-0-15 | 10-0-30 | 13-5-20 | 16-8-32

Solimix Granular**
Unique mixed NPK fertilizer, based on Urea, Triple Phosphate and Potassium Chlorate.
Contributes to a shorter and faster dispersion process.
Especially suited for field crops, vegetables and orchards.
Leading compounds*: 17.5-3.5-17.5 | 0-18-36 | 7-22-22

*List of leading compounds, with an option of production tailor-made NPK compounds.

Supply: Bags of 1 ton (big bag)/25 kg.
Storage conditions: Store in a dry and shady place, preferably on pallets.
Application: Via the irrigation system or by dispersion.
**Solimix Granular - Centrifugal disperse or by air seeder.

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