Phosphoric acid H3PO4
Potassium chloride KCl

Description: liquid solution.
Corrosiveness: Depending on the phosphoric acid concentration. The higher the acid concentration, the stronger the corrosiveness. In high phosphorus concentrations the solution is likely to attack all types of metals.
Water Solubility: high.
Supply: 10L Jerrycan / 1000L IBC / bulk.
Recommended Application: via drip system. 
Especially Recommended for: top fertilization on field crops and orcherds. 

Storage: Keep in a dry shady place, avoide direct exposure to sunlight and high temperature.
Crystallization might appear while storing, this doesn´t effect the products quality.

Leading Compositions:

NPK Density Crystallization at X°C pH (±0.5)
0-1-15 1.18 6 0.1
0-1-14 1.17 6 0.1
0-2-12 1.14 -1 0.1
0-18-0 1.26 6 0.6
0-10-10 1.19 0 0.2

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