Kinneret Iron

Liquid Plant Supplemet.
Rich in Iron (Fe) (3.2%), chelated (EDDHSA).

Description: Dark brown solution.
Supply: 10L Jerrycan / 1000L IBC / bulk.
Recommended Application: Direct injection into the irrigation system.
Recommended Use: Dilute in water before use. 0.7-1.4 L solution equals to 0.5-1 kg solid Iron 6%.
Sutibble for: all crops, especially for peanuts, deciduous trees, citrus, subtropicals, blueberries, strawberries, vineyard.
Density: 1.31 (±0.03) in 25°C.
pH: 7.5 (±1).

Storage: Keep in a dry shady place, avoide direct exposure to sunlight and high temperature.
Precipitate might appear while storing, this doesn´t effect the products quality. 

Iron (Fe) (3.2%), chelated (EDDHSA)
42 g

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